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Berkeley CA Riot – Police Stand And Watch The Beatings

Thanks to Marcelle Kory for this enlightening video on the manifestations of Karl Marx’s best thinking in America.

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Ann Coulter’s Interview With World Net Daily: America Is Finished If The Amnesty Passes

In full disclosure here, I fell out with Ann Coulter when she summarily dismissed the issue of Americans who question the origins and credentials of Barack Obama, and his eligibility to run for the office he now holds.  She was … Continue reading

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Tom Tancredo Writes About Napolitano’s Big Lie

Here are some excerpts from an excellent column on illegal immigration written by former Congressman Tom Tancredo, originally published in World Net Daily:  “A group of border-city mayors from Brownsville to San Diego have joined to issue a statement supporting … Continue reading

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Schwarzenegger Shows True Colors – Cuts Manslaughter Prison Sentence For Crony’s Son (UP-DATED)

See below for UP-DATE Thanks to Michael Savage.  Well, if anyone had any remaining doubts about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s political leanings, you can rest easy.  He’s commuted the prison sentence of the son of a leftist political crony, former Democrat California … Continue reading

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