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Russian Ambassador Slaughtered: What The Turk Who Shot Him Really Said

Do we give the British Broadcasting Corporation the benefit of the doubt, because the killing of Russia’s ambassador to Turkey was so fresh?  Perhaps the reporters just hadn’t adequate time to get accurate witness statements?  Or is this another case … Continue reading

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Islam Conquers Germany – Et Tu Uncle Sam?

With thanks to Tundra Tabloids here’s a clip featuring Rebel Media’s Lauren Southern.  She took a little trip to Duisburg, Deutschland and discovered that it now looks more like The Islamic Republic of Turkey than it looks like Germany.  That … Continue reading

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A Women’s Day Celebration In The Islamic Republic Of Turkey

Thanks to the dauntless Vlad Tepes for posting this one.  It was Women’s Day in Turkey.

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Stuck In Istanbul? Going To Germany? Need A Fake Syrian Passport? No Problem

Passports are big business in Istanbul.  Thanks to Vlad Tepes for this gem.

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Big Media Make Much Of Turkish Election Results – And The Kurdish Obama

Much is being made in the press of the election in Turkey.  If one did not look closely, it would appear that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been summarily tossed from office.  Far from it, while his Justice and Development … Continue reading

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Turkey’s Demands Met: Islam-Disrespecting Danish Prime Minister Out Of Picture – NATO To Take Over Libyan Non-War

Last night I was homeward bound, driving on an Interstate Highway, when a radio news broadcast caught my ear.  The confusion, disarray and aimlessness of the new non-war front in Libya (the one that is now labeled Kinetic Military Action) has … Continue reading

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