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The West Today And The Doomed 4th Century Roman Empire Eerily Similar

Gates of Vienna published an excellent historical essay today by Emmett Scott, retelling a tale I’ve also written about on this blog – the sacking of Rome by the Goth hordes in 410 A.D.  Scott writes, in part:

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Whither Go The Inhabitants Of Calais’ Jungle Now?

Recently a friend who is more well-versed in current events than are most Americans asked me where the thousands of “refugees” who occupied the so-called  Jungle camp in Calais, France are going to be placed.  The camp has been razed.  … Continue reading

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Meanwhile Down At The Rio Grande – It’s A War

This video was published by Paul Nehlen, who is challenging RINO Speaker of the House Paul Ryan for that seat.  If Wisconsin voters have any sense left,they’ll send Mr. Ryan packing.  But, then again, I thought Arizona voters would have … Continue reading

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Europe, Islam And The USA

On June 15th I had the pleasure and privilege of addressing the monthly dinner meeting of the Colorado Jewish Republicans Coalition in Denver.  President of the coalition Dan Kopelman introduced me.

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German Media Vilify Citizens For Detaining And Restraining A MIGRANT Thief

There is no surprise here.  With thanks to Vlad Tepes we see a German television news report about a group of German men who wrestled a belligerent Muslim shoplifter into custody – and tied him up until the police arrived. 

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Flemish Party Vlaams Belang Gives Us The List Of Muslim Horrors In Europe

Here is truth spoken with great eloquence and without the confusing veil of political nicety.  The tragedy of Islam’s conquest of Europe continues to unfold as Muslims pour into Malmo, Sweden at the rate of one-thousand per day.

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Another Grand Idea: Let’s Cut Our Aerial Border Surveillance By Fifty Percent

Barack Hussein Obama has a little less than one year remaining in his office – Constitutionally speaking, of course.  That is a whole lot of time for him to continue on his solemn mission of fundamentally transforming this nation – … Continue reading

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There’s Much More To The Fox News Vs. Donald Trump War Than Meets The Eye

With thanks to Andy Bostom, M.D., for the links, there is yet more evidentiary material to add to the judicial scale in support of Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of tonight’s Fox News Presidential debate.  Watch the video.  Still … Continue reading

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Ann Coulter Wants Nikki Haley Deported – And She’s Not Kidding

Ann Coulter spoke today on John Gibson’s radio program.  He gave her a chance to walk back her statement that if elected,  President Donald Trump should deport South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley.

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Diana West Gets Under Jim Geraghty’s Skin At National Review

The National Review Online, by and through Jim Geraghty, has again seen fit to attack Diana West, this time as a Doomsday Conservative, and dropping a rather strong inference that she is a racist.  I have been reading Ms. West’s … Continue reading

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