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U.S. General: Libya Stalemated – Time To Consider Sending In U.S. Ground Troops?

Don’t look now, but the U.S. Army General who just relinquished command of the humanitarian non-war military kinetic actions in Libya to NATO, Carter Ham, announced today that the United States may consider putting ground troops into Libya – because the … Continue reading

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Two More American Soldiers Killed By Afghanistan Police Officer

Another two American soldiers have been shot and killed by an Afghanistan police officer – as the Yanks were providing a training session.  Reuters provides the report (via Drudge), glaringly referring to the slain Americans as “NATO” troops until about … Continue reading

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Turkey’s Demands Met: Islam-Disrespecting Danish Prime Minister Out Of Picture – NATO To Take Over Libyan Non-War

Last night I was homeward bound, driving on an Interstate Highway, when a radio news broadcast caught my ear.  The confusion, disarray and aimlessness of the new non-war front in Libya (the one that is now labeled Kinetic Military Action) has … Continue reading

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