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Jihad Down Under Puts Aussies In Serious Pain

In the course of publishing my three novels, the latest of which is a jihad thriller called A Summons To Perdition, I’ve become acquainted by e-mail with other authors from all over the world.  One of them, a lady who lives … Continue reading

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Big Muslim Recruitment Drive In Australia – How About Your American Town?

From the forever-dauntless Vlad Tepes comes this MRC television Today-Tonight clip, which reports an ongoing recruitment drive by Muslim leaders to convert Australians to Islam.  And why not?  As the imams are now saying down under, “democracy is just a numbers game.” … Continue reading

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Australian Cops Say Anti-Burkha Artist Targeted For Firebombing

Baron Bodissey over at Gates of Vienna reports that the Australian artist Sergio Redegalli, whose Say No To Burkhas mural was the recent target of a major dust-up (read that:  Riot), has been targeted in a big way.  The Aussie … Continue reading

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