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Danish TV Commentator Jeppe Juhl: Sweden Is Lost

Here is some very grim reality.  According to this brave man, the Swedish police have admittedly lost control of maintaining law and order in fifty-three major areas of that nation.  Those locales have become enclaves of Islam and Shariah, Muslim … Continue reading

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Weapons Armory Discovered Inside Swedish Muslim Refugee Shelter

What a surprise.  Swedish authorities are investigating the discovery of a rather impressive supply of weapons, discovered when a meter-reading crew entered the heating room of a Krokum “migrant center”.  Ah, yes – it’s the old hide the weapons inside … Continue reading

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Malmo Sweden: The Police Study Arabic To Make Their Muslim Conquerors Feel More At Home

With kind thanks for the link to Gates of Vienna, the existential situation is rapidly deteriorating in Islam-beleaguered Sweden.  The Malmo Police, by their own request, are reportedly taking lessons in Arabic, so that they may befriend their conquerors from … Continue reading

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Jihad Breaks Sweden’s Police And Firefighters – “He Who Kills A Policeman Will Go To Paradise”

A few months ago I published this post, assuring you that police no-go zones, wherein law enforcement personnel dare not go because of fear of Muslim violence, are coming soon enough to the United States.  The situation is rapidly deteriorating in Europe. … Continue reading

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“Youths” Riot In Malmo, Sweden

Riots have broken out in Malmo, Sweden.  Torched cars, firebombs, stones aimed at the police – sounds almost like a war zone.  Once again, it’s the “youth” of Malmo who are disenfranchised and express their displeasure in rather inappropriate ways.  … Continue reading

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