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Trump Invokes A False Premise – And Displays His Misunderstanding Of America’s History

The last straw for breaking my novel-writing hiatus from this blog appeared today in the Drudge Report headlines.  President Donald Trump claimed via the Twitter social media engine that during the 2016 presidential campaign former President Barack Obama arranged for … Continue reading

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Trump In Private Face To Face With MSM Honchos: “We’re In A Room Full Of Liars” – Kellyanne Conway: “Excellent Meetings”

I just love this.  President-elect Donald Trump held a face-to-face meeting today with all of the big-wigs, administrators and news anchors, from the exalted MSM broadcast networks.  You know – the ones who relentlessly trashed him as unfit for office … Continue reading

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Julian Assange On The U.S. Election – Full Interview

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Mr. Obama Lied – It’s Just What Regular Marxists Do

I wrote very little about Hillary Clinton’s email server problem.  It’s a dead horse.  It was an abject waste of media time and effort.  She’s off the hook, thanks to FBI Director James Comey and Attorney General Loretta Lynch.  Yes, … Continue reading

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A Little Q & A With Some Help From Gates Of Vienna

(Photo: Gates of Vienna) Q:  How could America have done this to herself?

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Standard Media Rhetoric After A Jihad Attack

With thanks to Oz Rita at Postcards from Paris.

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Dallas Police Chief And His Family Targeted For Death

Welcome to Black Lives Matter and 21st century policing in the USA.  This is not my father’s country.  This is not the country in which I grew up.  This is not my country – not any more.  This country is … Continue reading

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American Press Corps Dust-Up Over David Duke Endorsing Donald Trump – Truth Or Low Blow?

Welcome to Super Tuesday.  For the mainstream media, the establishment GOP, the Democrats, and the Press Corps, the guy who was not ever going to get the nomination is on his way to winning the GOP presidential nomination.  Time to … Continue reading

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GOP Debate: Was Maria Bartiromo Campaigning For Hillary Clinton?

Something rather remarkable happened a couple of nights ago.  I’ve only seen one small report on this little vignette from the GOP presidential debate last Tuesday.  To date I can find no YouTube video footage.  Perhaps in the grand scheme … Continue reading

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Stephanopoulos and Limbaugh – Where The Two Opposite Poles Meet

It was only $75,000.00 for the Clinton Foundation.  I guess to a lot of people that’s no big deal.  I understand that Mr. Stephanopoulos, now that the omission to report his donation has been exposed, recused himself from refereeing any … Continue reading

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