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Major Media Catching On (Far Too Late In The Game) To Obama’s Mendacity?

It’s almost comical to watch Jake Tapper at CNN (thanks to the June 2, 2016, video from The Washington Free Beacon) beginning to realize that perhaps Barack Obama and his minions are not the straight-shooting truth-tellers Mr. Tapper thought they … Continue reading

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Andrew Bostom: Rubio – Cruz – Paul – Not Worthy Of The Oval Office

Writing in the February 4th edition of, historian Andrew Bostom, M.D. presents us some very hard truth: Three of the GOP contenders for the 2016 presidential nomination looked the other way when the Constitution’s Senatorial Advice and Consent responsibility … Continue reading

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Iranians Capture Two U.S. Naval Vessels And Crews

A few questions are in order here:

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Breitbart Radio: Andrew Bostom Discusses Jihad – Islamization – And Middle Eastern Turmoil

I have often relied on Dr. Andrew Bostom to answer my questions on Muslim history, Muslim law, and for his generous advice in my writing endeavors.  He is always a wealth of authoritative information.  If there is a man in … Continue reading

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A Few Words From Allen West

With thanks to Penny, here’s a voice we haven’t heard for some time.  Lt. Colonel Allen West, U.S. Army Infantry (Retired) and a former Congressman from Florida.

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Founder Of A Persian Dynasty

Appearances can be so deceiving.  I’ve been holding onto the image depicted above, not quite sure how to write about it.  Finally, it has come to me.  Three months ago I received an emailed copy of this 16th Century portrait … Continue reading

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Andrew Bostom and Steve Malzberg On The Obama/Iran Nuke Swindle

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Lindsey Graham: Let’s Give Obama Congressional Approval To Bomb Iran

These guys give me headaches.  I don’t know how they come up with ideas or how their brains work.  Mike Huckabee, not one of my favorite RINOS, had RINO Senator Lindsey Graham on Fox Network’s Huckabee show last weekend.  Here’s … Continue reading

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Ayatollah Ali Khamenei: No Iranian Nuclear Bombs On The Agenda

                      Taqiyya – Saying something that isn’t true. …Though not called Taqiyya by name, Muhammad clearly used deception when he signed a 10-year treaty with the Meccans that allowed him access to their city while he secretly prepared his own … Continue reading

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Hi-Tech Hadd: Iran Debuts Its New Finger Slicing Machine For Thieves

It looks like something out of a Mel Brooks movie, but it’s not.  Sharia goes hi-tech in Iran.  The government has unveiled a machine that amputates thieves’ fingers (see INSA photo above). The report is in The Telegraph, complete with … Continue reading

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