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Our Choice: The Wealthy American Businessman Or Four More Years Of The Wealthy Jihad Sympathizer

Don’t kid yourself.  Mitt Romney is wealthy beyond most Americans’ dreams.  Likewise, don’t believe for a second that Barack Obama is a poor man.  He’s accrued immense riches in the land of opportunity – the same country he detests and … Continue reading

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Karzai: War Between Pakistan And U.S.A? – Afghanistan Will Join Pakistan

It’s really long past time to bring our troops home from Afghanistan.  If this doesn’t awaken the higher-ups in the halls of power to the fact that we’re wasting American lives, limbs and a lot of cash in that Hell-hole, … Continue reading

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Vlad Tepes: Family In Pakistan Suffers Persecution, Brutal Rape Of Their Young Daughter – For Refusing To Convert To Islam

This is a horrifying story, posted today at Vlad Tepes, of a working father in Pakistan who declined to convert his family to Islam.  In retribution for his refusal, while the father was at work, his  two year old daughter was kidnapped.  … Continue reading

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AP: U.S. Loses Thirty Troops During Seal Team Raid In Afghanistan

Today the Associated Press reported the downing of a U.S. Chinook helicopter during a Seal Team raid on a Taliban safehouse in eastern Afghanistan.  Thirty American military personnel were killed.

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Orwell’s Lexicon In Action: Pakistan’s Government Angry At Mullen Over Suborning Murder Allegation

In another indication of deteriorating and ill-advised relations between Pakistan’s government and the United States, the foreign minister Firdous Ashiq Awan accused Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen of being out of line when he stated that the … Continue reading

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De$pite Blu$ter About Paki$tan Hiding OBL – America Will $end I$lamabad More Ca$h

After all of the tsk-tsking, harrumphing, lecturing, speechifying, blow-harding, blustering, lawyering and political posturing over the indisputable fact that Osama bin Laden lived and hid for years in a rather large Pakistan city is finished, nothing will change in the … Continue reading

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Situation Worsens – Pakistan’s Army Issues A Warning To Obama – And A Threat – Time To Call In Team B II

From the Unintended Consequences Department:  The AP is reporting today (via Drudge) that Pakistan’s army is demanding a decrease in U.S. military presence within that nation, and threatening not to cooperate any more with joint anti-Taliban operations, because of the … Continue reading

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