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Ann Coulter’s Interview With World Net Daily: America Is Finished If The Amnesty Passes

In full disclosure here, I fell out with Ann Coulter when she summarily dismissed the issue of Americans who question the origins and credentials of Barack Obama, and his eligibility to run for the office he now holds.  She was … Continue reading

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Colorado Woman Has More Courage Than Ten Lindsey Grahams

With thanks to Diana West, I received a couple of links to YouTube videos that feature a brave Colorado woman named Ann Barnhardt.  Thomas Jefferson would have loved this lady. In the first one, she pretty well grinds Senator Lindsey … Continue reading

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McCain Back In Action – Says Obama Is A Centrist

I was scanning through today’s Drudge Report and stumbled across this jaw-dropper:  John McCain says that Barack Hussein Obama has become more of a centrist and he’s a lot easier to work with now.

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Michelle Malkin IDs The RINOs On The DREAM Act Fence – Including John McCain

Michelle Malkin has posted an interesting piece about the Senate Republicans who are uncommitted as to how they intend to vote on the DREAM act, which of course will provide a path to permanent resident status of illegal aliens who … Continue reading

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