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Sarah Palin’s Real Legacy: 2010 Support For Re-Election Of McCain Now = Amnesty And Obamacare

I know I’m going to make a lot of right-wingers angry here.  So be it.  Be angry, if you wish.  I’m going to lay out some hard facts: Mark Levin has said many times that John McCain is an unmitigated … Continue reading

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Coming Soon: My Fourth Political Thriller

Foreword by the author On January 20, 2013 best-seller author and investigative journalist Jerome Corsi published an alarming column at World Net Daily.  The title of the essay was “China Poised To Play Debt Card – For U.S. Land”.  Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Ann Coulter’s Interview With World Net Daily: America Is Finished If The Amnesty Passes

In full disclosure here, I fell out with Ann Coulter when she summarily dismissed the issue of Americans who question the origins and credentials of Barack Obama, and his eligibility to run for the office he now holds.  She was … Continue reading

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4th Century Goth Reprise: Marco Rubio And Our Government Sell Us Out To The Invasion

I don’t care if I never see Marco Rubio’s face or hear his voice again.  He is a walking, talking fraud.  His amnesty bill calls for the legalization of the illegal aliens who are in our country before anything gets done … Continue reading

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Limbaugh’s Theorem Explains Why Obama Will Skate On All The Scandals

So, how come is it, you ask, that so many Americans still support Barack Obama in the face of the Benghazi scandal, the IRS scandal, the NSA e-communications snooping scandal, the coming IRS health care enforcement mess, and the DOJ … Continue reading

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Boehner Agrees To Running Up Another Obama Credit Card – That Can Never Be Paid Off

 Boehner and Barack are in the government business.  The business is broke.  America’s working folks are flat busted.  They pay the taxes that keep Boehner and Barack riding around in their fancy limousines and dining on wagu beef.  But. you see, there’s … Continue reading

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What Should The Repubs Do Now?

I’m not a Republican, although I’ve voted for them.  I voted for Mitt Romney and John McCain – and for George Bush two times.  But, I fell out with the Republicans when Bush 43 refused to close the Mexican border … Continue reading

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More Layoffs – 18,000 Jobs Gone At Hostess Bakeries – RIP Twinkies

I know they have a shelf life of decades.  But, if you eat a lot of Hostess Twinkies, you’d better have a stockpile laid up in the pantry.  The unions just managed to bust another company out of business.  The … Continue reading

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How $tupid Are 52% Of America’$ Voter$? If You $pend One Dollar Every $econd…

…for 31,710 years, you’ll have spent one trillion dollars.  Someone else said it first on the radio or the TV.  I can’t remember who it was.  But I just did the calculation on my smart phone. A clear majority of … Continue reading

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Obama’s Strategy Of Backing Arab Spring Turns Middle East Into Muslim Brotherhood Stronghold

Barack Hussein Obama’s strategy of backing, encouraging, and purveying the barbaric Arab Spring, not to mention ordering drones and U.S. fighter/bombers into Libya to help oust Muammar Ghadaffi, began many months ago with the fall of the Tunisian government.

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