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After Mubarak In Egypt Came Morsi – Praying For Destruction Of Jews

Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton wanted to get rid of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt.  They cheered on the Arab Spring uprisings and gave public support to Mubarak’s overthrow.

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World’s Tourism Industry Taking A Devastating Hit From Islam

Egyptian Minister of Civil Aviation Sherif Fathy spoke at a post Egypt Air flight MS804 crash press conference, opining that yesterday’s airline disaster is more than likely due to a (Muslim) terrorist attack rather than to some mechanical failure.  Thanks … Continue reading

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Bostom Catches Egypt’s General al-Sisi In A Rather Large Self-Contradiction (Taqiyya?)

The ever-vigilant Andrew Bostom catches Egypt’s General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in a bit (really a bushel basket full) of deception with the Washington Post. Bostom quotes from Robert Springborg’s essay on al-Sisi’s 2006 thesis, in which the General advocates for restoration of the Caliphate, … Continue reading

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Cutting Through Islam’s Big Lie in Egypt – And Elsewhere

Matt Drudge usually takes Saturdays off from posting the news.  Ergo I was surprised to find a Reuters report on his site this morning, relating the slaughter of some 57 Egyptian pro-Morsi Muslim Brotherhood demonstrators in Cairo – killed by … Continue reading

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American Media Reports Omit Anti-Obama Rage In Cairo

(Photo on the banner:  Ambassador Anne Patterson) With thanks to Drudge, here’s a link to Doug Ross, who posted fifteen revealing photos about what really happened in Cairo.  He astutely observes that the American media are “curiously” avoiding the depiction … Continue reading

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A Bright American Jew Follows Islam’s (And The U.S. State Department’s) Big Lie – To His Death

Andrew Bostom has appropriately followed up the stabbing death of American Andrew Pochter during a violent protest in Egypt with a powerful essay.  By accounts thus-far known to us, Pochter was a young idealist who believed that all cultures could … Continue reading

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Obama Deploying Fort Hood Riot Troops To Egypt – To Defend Against Israel

If you can’t figure out where this is going, you’d better sign up for Islam 101 and do some studying about which side of the war our Commander In Chief is really on. Via Drudge this morning, there’s a news flash from KECN … Continue reading

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Fox (al Arabia) News: Horowitz Outs Hillary C’s Top Aide As A Muslim Brotherhood Operative – Megyn Kelly Cuts Him Off

With thanks to Diana West and Andrew Bostom, here’s a link to some remarkable Fox News video from September 19, 2012, at the time immediately following the 9/11/12 sodomization, torture and murder of US Ambassador Christopher Stevens in Benghazi, Libya.  Note … Continue reading

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WashPo Continues To Tell Obama’s Big Lie About 9/11/12 Attack At Benghazi

The Washington Post has a report up today which informs us that an Egyptian Court of Law just banned Egypt’s citizens from using YouTube on their internet devices – for one month.  In style so tiringly typical of America’s left-leaning press, the … Continue reading

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President Of Egypt Mohamed Morsi: Jews Descendants Of Apes And Pigs (By Golly He Read His Koran)

Andrew McCarthy and Andrew Bostom, two men on the front line of the in-progress battle to stem the rising tide of Sharia (Muslim law), published essays this week on some commentary publicly uttered by the duly elected Arab Spring President of Egypt – … Continue reading

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