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Obama And Karzai Quietly Inking A Pact – U.S. Troops To Stay In Afghanistan Until 2024

It’s Friday evening.  Everyone’s gone home.  The weekend is here.  The President is out of town on vacation – again.  The stock market has been in a free-fall.  Prime time has arrived for dropping some news bombs and leaking some major policy … Continue reading

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Laura Ingraham Gives Charles Rangel A Boxing Lesson

The issues at hand were President Obama’s fiscal policies and whether or not they have helped or hurt the economics of the inner cities and the African American population.  New York Democrat Congressman Charles Rangel walked into a mugging by Laura … Continue reading

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Economy At The Precipice – Obama Approval Among American Muslims At 80% – Ramadan Celebration On Schedule

With the nation teetering at the cliff’s edge of a catastrophic collapse and the financial markets bracing for an overnight flood of panic stock-sell orders, there are two side-show items that should be of great interest to Americans (that is to say the … Continue reading

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