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Four Thrillers: The Barter Series – Available In Kindle And Paperback At Amazon

My collection of four thriller novellas, The Barter And Reckoning Series, is available now at Amazon – in one volume.  Take a terrifying look into the not-too-distant future, where the Second Amendment no longer exists and the sovereignty of the … Continue reading

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Paris In The Terror: Illinois Democrat Jan Schakowsky Calls For Stricter American Gun Laws – Drops A Hint

According to the Washington Post, France’s very tough gun control laws did not have much of a deterrent effect on the Charlie Hebdo jihad murderers last January.  Neither did French firearms laws seem to have any effect in stopping the … Continue reading

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How Dangerous Is America’s Gun Culture?

In the wake of last week’s mass college campus shooting in Oregon, voices on the political left are calling for more gun control.  You can read my most recent essay on that issue by clicking here. 

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InfoWars: Homeland Security Buys Another 21.6 Million Rounds Of Ammunition – That’s 1.625 BILLION Rounds In 10 Months

So, what’s going on?  Really.  Here’s a link to, which is reporting that the Department of Homeland Security is still purchasing millions of rounds of ammunition.  Why?  Gun stores are running short.  Why?

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Video: See Hollywood Celebrities Who Kill People With Flaming Guns In Their Movies Preach Against Firearms (Graphic Language)

Here’s a link to an effective YouTube video, in which lots of Hollywood actors and actresses lay de facto blame for the spate of recent mass shootings (and guilt) on the American Public at large – for possessing firearms.  Time for … Continue reading

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