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You’re invited to join me over at www.johnlwork.com.  Catch up on my latest publications, especially the one that’s coming soon.


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Fare Well, Safe Travels And Best Wishes

John L.. WorkFollowing some serious consideration, I’ve decided to close down my blogging operation.  During the past three years, tens of thousands of readers stopped by to read and leave comments. 

I thank all of you and wish the best for you.

John L. Work

November 1, 2013

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Time Out

1950s Football Referee Making Hand Signal Time Out Blowing Whistle

Be back to the game later.

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The Rebuttal CoverI’ve posted my 5 Star review of Diana West’s THE REBUTTAL, a brilliiant defense of her landmark historical opus American Betrayal , at www.Amazon.com.  I’m re-posting the review here and highly recommend that you read both books.  Then, with all the evidence in hand, render your own considered judgement: Continue reading

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Palin’s Orwellian Call For Primary Challenges Against Incumbent RINOs

sarah-palin-fnc-ap                                                     About Face (Photo: Breitbart.com) 

I know I’m becoming a Lone Ranger here.  I’m taking on the Sacred Cow (R).  However, Sarah Palin is now on record calling for 2014 primary challenges against Republican incumbents who won’t resist Barack Obama’s grand fundamental transformation plan for our nation.  Bravo!  I’m all for that fight.  Vote the RINOs out of office and replace them with true conservatives.  I support Ted Cruz and Mike Lee in their battle to resist what Barack Obama and the Democrats are doing.  Continue reading

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Mitch McConnell Pimps Senate Republicans, House Republicans And His Constituents For $2.9 Billion

Mitch McConnell

                                                     Meet The Pimp (Photo:AP) 

If you’re still a fan and supporter of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R) of Kentucky, you can stop reading right here and go on to something else.  In fact I highly recommend you do so.

There’s a section of East Colfax Avenue in Aurora, Colorado, that is to say, the low rent motel district, which used to be famous in the ranks of Denver Metro vice enforcement cops and police officers throughout the State, where certain goods and services could be purchased.  The merchants who deliver such goods and services are called pimps or Mac Daddies.  Their employees, providers of the actual goods and services, are called whores, hookers, prostitutes, escorts and other sundry names which I won’t mention here.  I’ve been out of law enforcement for nearly twelve years, now.  I don’t know if that particular area of the city is as it was when I was in the business, or if it has been cleaned up. Continue reading

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Andrew Bostom At Dispatch International: Grand Mufti’s Alliance With WWII Germany Was Based On Islam – Not Nazism

Berlin, Besuch Amin el Husseini

Grand Mufti Hajj Amin al-Husseini with Muslim volunteers in Hitler’s Army (Photo: Dispatch International)

Andrew Bostom, M.D. recently published an excellent essay on the WWII era alliance between Islam and Hitler’s Nazi Germany.  Bostom dispels the notion, still embraced by some rather prominent political leaders, that Hajj Amin al-Husseini’s motivation to assist Germany in exterminating the world’s Jews was some sort of a belief in the Nazi ideology.  Rather, the alliance was formed as a result of el-Husseini’s belief in Islam.  The entire column is now available at Lars Hedegaard’s Dispatch International.  Here’s an excerpt: Continue reading

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