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Brennan’s Refusal To Answer A Specific Question A Demonstration Of Partisan Cover – And Contempt Of Congress

 Yesterday, historian and author Diana West published an essay about a question that came up during the testimony of former CIA Director John Brennan, given during yesterday’s public portion of a Congressional investigation into alleged Russian influence on our 2016 … Continue reading

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A Question: Why?

Why has President Donald Trump not fired FBI Director James Comey?  Comey, who was recently called the most powerful man in America, directs an organization which collects all kinds of information on people in all stations of life.  His is … Continue reading

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GOP Huffing And Puffing Means Absolutely Nothing In HRC Email Case

Republican congressmen blustered and postured with Attorney General Loretta Lynch during the recent hearing in which she repeatedly refused to discuss the facts of the Hillary Clinton email investigation.  GOP blow-hards who have given Barack Obama everything he ever wanted … Continue reading

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House Democrats Shut Down Constitution With A Sit-In: Demand Floor Vote To Nullify 2nd Amendment

This is not your grandfather’s Democrat Party.  This Democrat party has been hijacked by the Communist Party USA.  Mob tactics became the method du jour, with Congressman John Lewis leading other Representatives in an anti-2nd Amendment  sit-in yesterday on the … Continue reading

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Madness – Congress To Vote On Amendment Allowing Easier Muslim Immigration

As if things couldn’t get any worse, following Donald Trump’s call for shutting down Muslim immigration, the Congress of the United States is attempting to throw itself , and us, onto the Sword of Islam, by voting on a Senate … Continue reading

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Senator Ted Cruz Accuses Mitch McConnell Of Lying

I’ve previously written my opinion of Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell (R) and how he does business.

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What Are Paul Ryan And The Repubs Really Up To?

If Paul Ryan is really concerned with the public and the Congress being able to see everything in a future trade agreement, why is there such secrecy about what is in this new Obama-Trade bill which has recently become the … Continue reading

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Will The Obama Admin Find A Reason To Forbid Netanyahu’s Entry Into The USA?

The rumblings have already begun against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s anticipated address to the Congress of the United States, currently scheduled for next month.  The protests sound like this: 1)  It’s not fair to candidates who are running against … Continue reading

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Muslim Brotherhood Supporter Infiltrates House Intelligence Committee

  With thanks to Andrew Bostom, here’s a disturbing, sinister video and dossier on Congressional House Representative Andre Carson (D-IN).  Former Undersecretary of Defense Frank Gaffney’s Center For Security Policy released the report on February 24, 2015, which indicates that … Continue reading

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Senator Joni Ernst’s Speech: Hear No Islam – See No Islam – Speak No Islam

I’m republishing the full text (thanks to Rawstory.com) of Republican Iowa Senator Joni Ernst’s speech in response to President Obama’s SOTU speech tonight.  If you’re wondering why, take a scan through it and see if you see the word ISLAM … Continue reading

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