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Brennan’s Refusal To Answer A Specific Question A Demonstration Of Partisan Cover – And Contempt Of Congress

 Yesterday, historian and author Diana West published an essay about a question that came up during the testimony of former CIA Director John Brennan, given during yesterday’s public portion of a Congressional investigation into alleged Russian influence on our 2016 … Continue reading

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What Have Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller And Other FBI Honchos Been Up To For The Past Decade?

With thanks to the great investigative work of Diana West and former FBI Agent John Guandolo, here is today’s lesson, prepared by mois,  in what is really going on at the top levels of America’s premier law enforcement agency.  If … Continue reading

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CNN’s Kate Bolduan Goes Into Near Hysteria On Former Navy SEAL Over Info Trump Gave To Russians

The American Press/Broadcast Media Corps has descended into a full frothing, rabid, insanity mode in its feral efforts to bring down the Donald Trump Presidency. Here’s what happened:

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Another Unsolved High-Profile Murder That Stinks To High Heaven

The abject corruption in America’s politics has metastasized into the upper ranks of law enforcement.  Anyone above the rank of Sergeant in any given police department is no longer a cop.  He is a pure politician.  I tell you that … Continue reading

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Knock Knock – Who’s There? Not You Any More

Former FBI Director James Comey is now in the unemployment line.  And contrary to what today’s Politico is implying, there is no Constitutional Crisis created by his firing:

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Guess Who Is Trying To Influence France’s Election

As the question was posed by Vlad Tepes, from whence came this video link:

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France At The Crossroads

For my readers who are interested in the coming May 7 decision France must make to live or die, via Vlad Tepes, here’s the YouTube link to France 24 – in English.

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VP Pence Calls In On Limbaugh Show – Tells A Whopper Or Two

Yesterday’s Drudge Report included a link to talk show host Rush Limbaugh’s website.  The teaser was Drudge’s headline claiming that Limbaugh “warned” Vice President Mike Pence with regard to some campaign promises which are not being kept by President Donald … Continue reading

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A Who’s Who Expose Behind The Civil War In The USA

Astonishingly, several public school teachers are shot-callers in the so-called ANTIFA (Anti-Fascist) violence, which is directed at dismantling America’s borders and institutions.

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Marine Le Pen vs Fem-Left Stage Crasher

Ms. Le Pen, as she says, is the only woman who is truly defending women.

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