Lakin Goes To Prison – And Here Comes The Next Eligibility Lawsuit (UP-DATED)

He's Compassionate and Transparent - Right?

See bottom of column for up-date.

With thanks to WorldNetDaily:

 Lt. Colonel Terry Lakin was just convicted, discharged from service and sent to a six-month prison term for refusing orders to deploy to Afghanistan – until Barack Obama turns over his credentials and proves his Constitutional Eligibility to hold office.  You thought it was all over, finally?  Nope.

 Here comes another presidential eligibility lawsuit – scheduled for a January 7, 2011 conference in the U.S. Supreme Court.  The suit was brought originally by Captain Connie Rhodes, U.S. Army, et al and her attorney, Orly Taitz. Here’s the link to the PDF Petition for Writ of Certiorari that Taitz filed, requesting that the lower Court, which dismissed the original case and fined Taitz $20,000.00 for continuing to file motions on behalf of her clients, be ordered by the Supreme Court to review its decision.

 Much of the petition centers around two issues:

 1)      The Courtroom conduct and judicial rulings of the Georgia Middle District Court Justice, Clay D. Land, in which he refused to hear the eligibility case on its merits, then ridiculed and fined Taitz $20,000.00 for continuing to press the legal arguments at hand.  Taitz claims that Land provided no explanation as to why she was not allowed to present oral arguments and why her written arguments were “unconvincing”.  He summarily dismissed the case without a review of the evidence.

 2)      Taitz’s investigation into the origins of Barack Obama’s Social Security Number, which was originally issued in the State of Connecticut to a man who was born in the late 1890s, includes an affidavit of the facts prepared by former Scotland Yard officer Neil Sankey.  There is no record of Obama ever having lived in Connecticut.  The original holder of the number is presumed dead.  Land dismissed Taitz’s investigation as frivolous and refused to hear the evidence.

 Taitz is asking for her $20,000.00 back, based upon Constitutional grounds that the fine was levied in retaliation against her and her client.  The possibility also exists that the fine was actually imposed to intimidate other potential plaintiffs who might be considering similar actions.  Land made direct allusions to the political agenda of the “birthers” in his dismissal, without looking at any of Taitz’s evidence.

 Last week the Army convicted Lt. Colonel Terry Lakin in a General Court Martial, without hearing any evidence on his behalf and without allowing him to produce witnesses in his own defense.  Lakin is on his way to prison – or he is already there.  One of Taitz’s clients, U.S. Army Reserve Major Stephen Cook, was fired from his contractor’s job in retaliation for his participation in Captain Rhodes’ original eligibility lawsuit.

 The bodies are beginning to stack up all over the country, figuratively speaking.  And Barack Hussein Obama continues to refuse to turn his cards over – Occidental College transcripts, Columbia University transcripts, Columbia senior thesis, Harvard University transcripts, financial aid applications, passport records, college application records, public school records, long form birth certificate, Harvard Law Review records, law client lists, Illinois State Legislature records and calendar, and medical records.  The computerized on-line image that he’s presented as a valid Hawaiian birth certificate would not get your child into Little League Baseball.  So, what’s in all of those documents that he doesn’t want us to see?

 Taitz must now present her arguments to the Supreme Court – if she’s allowed to do so.  They’ve to this point refused to hear any of these types of cases.  Personally, since Congress and the American Press Corps abjectly refused to do their investigative jobs back in 2008, I’d just like hear the evidence argued in an open Court of Law.


With thanks to comments from a reader over at FreeRepublic, here’s a link to Judge Land’s Sanction Order against Orly Taitz:

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John L. Work is a graduate of Cal State Long Beach. His background includes 20 years service as a Colorado Peace Officer and 2 years with the Colorado State Public Defender's Office as an investigator. He has written three novels and been a political writer since January of 2010.
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3 Responses to Lakin Goes To Prison – And Here Comes The Next Eligibility Lawsuit (UP-DATED)

  1. Johnny Chiro says:

    Yeah, What has gone wrong in our courts
    This guys father is a bitish citizen by his own admission who never became and American citizen.
    This creates a situation of split loyalties which the law was written to prevent.
    There has to be an investigation into the courts. With this and corporate crimes gone wild and those laws not being enforced or tride equally in court, it seems like we have a very compromised Law enforcement and court system that isn’t serving the people but is serving the highest bidder.
    What is going on and how do we reestablish an even playing field for flesh and blood people ????

  2. Kelly says:

    It’s amazing that I have to give my social security number, address, birth date AND mother’s maiden name, just to check a balance on MY OWN credit card and this man waltzed into the white house without any verification of identity!

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