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A Women’s Day Celebration In The Islamic Republic Of Turkey

Thanks to the dauntless Vlad Tepes for posting this one.  It was Women’s Day in Turkey.

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SAUDI ARABIA UNCOVERED – A Shocker Well Worth Your Time

This British documentary was recorded and produced at considerable risk inside Saudi Arabia.  When one stops to watch how the Saudi monarchy does business with its people, it is impossible not to feel revulsion at the political leaders throughout the … Continue reading

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Geert Wilders At His Best – 2012 – One Minute And Thirty-Eight Seconds Of Extemporaneous Brilliance

My words are entirely unnecessary here.

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Gratitude: UK Funds Muslim Schools – Muslims Demand Female Teachers Don Hijabs

Are you ready for this, America?  Shariah has crept far enough along in England that the British government now provides public funds for special Muslim schools. Uh huh.  And guess what.  The teachers who work in those schools are required to sign contracts … Continue reading

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Barack Obama Is Arming, Aiding And Abetting Torture And Butchery Under Al Quaida In Syria (Graphic Video)

An execution by anti-Assad “rebels” in Syria (Photo:  Time Lightbox) With thanks to Andy Bostom via Pajamas Media, here is a direct link to a French TV report on four Sharia Courts which are now operating in “rebel” controlled Aleppo, Syria.  … Continue reading

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Congressional Act Mandated Sharia-Compliant Jails And Prisons In America – Guess Which President Signed It

I worked in Colorado law enforcement for twenty years.  During my nearly thirteen years with a major Denver-Metro Sheriff’s Office as a Deputy and Detective, I remember only too well the annual approach of the month of Ramadan – the … Continue reading

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Cutting Through Islam’s Big Lie in Egypt – And Elsewhere

Matt Drudge usually takes Saturdays off from posting the news.  Ergo I was surprised to find a Reuters report on his site this morning, relating the slaughter of some 57 Egyptian pro-Morsi Muslim Brotherhood demonstrators in Cairo – killed by … Continue reading

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A Bright American Jew Follows Islam’s (And The U.S. State Department’s) Big Lie – To His Death

Andrew Bostom has appropriately followed up the stabbing death of American Andrew Pochter during a violent protest in Egypt with a powerful essay.  By accounts thus-far known to us, Pochter was a young idealist who believed that all cultures could … Continue reading

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The Endless War: Mona Charen Criticizes Obama – Defends Bush – All While Ignoring Islam’s History And Doctrine

One of the greatest columns I ever read was one published by Mona Charen (photo above) in the days following the September 11, 2001 Muslim terror attacks in New York and Washington, D.C.  Her opening line was, “What we need … Continue reading

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August 2012 – Holder’s Assistant Thomas Perez Dodged The Big Question On Prosecuting Criticism Of “Religion”

                                  (Photo:  Thomas Perez, US DOJ Assistant Attorney General) Yesterday I wrote about an event, sponsored by the American Muslim Advisory Council, which is to take place next week in Tennessee.  U.S. Attorney Bill Killian is supposed to “educate” us and … Continue reading

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