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The Argument That Changed The Course Of World History – And Who Won It

        “We lost the argument.” So said my friend, author and historian Andrew G. Bostom, M.D.  He made that statement to me two days ago, during a rather serious telephone discussion about the ongoing Islamization of the … Continue reading

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Is Kellyanne Conway Off The Reservation Or Was Her Anti-Romney Interview Part Of The Script?

This is one very intelligent, articulate, highly-skilled woman.  She was the campaign director for Donald Trump and he won the election.  She is the first female in American history to occupy and successfully run such a position.  Much is now … Continue reading

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On Terrorism And Islam – Whom Are We To Believe?

Every once in a while it’s helpful to revisit something which has made an impression on our memories, such as a good movie or book.  The great Andrew Bostom’s works are a trove of hard, real information about the nature … Continue reading

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Andrew Bostom Exposes Bernard Lewis’ Disastrous Advice On Islam Handed To George W. Bush In 2001

The incomparable Andrew Bostom, whom I am proud and humbled to call my friend, recently spoke at the American Freedom Alliance gathering in Los Angeles.  The topic Dr. Bostom chose was the utterly disastrous, misleading advice on the World of … Continue reading

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Another Masterpiece By Andrew Bostom

Click here to read Dr. Andrew Bostom‘s essay on James Freeman Clarke and the recent jihad massacre in Orlando, Florida.  Andy writes, in part: …All Americans, especially those media, political, and academic savants constantly bequeathing us with their putative “wisdom” … Continue reading

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CNN And Muslim Leaders Attempt To Confuse Us – Andrew Bostom Gives Us Clarity

Taqiyya:  Muslim scholars teach that Muslims should generally be truthful to each other, unless the purpose of lying is to “smooth over differences.” There are several forms of lying to non-believers that are permitted under certain circumstances, the best known … Continue reading

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Read all about it at Breitbart News:

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Holocaust Remembrance – Lest We Forget Or Think It Could Never Happen Again

With thanks to Postcards From Paris take a look at a sobering reminder of the horrors inflicted, in partnership with Islam, on Europe’s Jews during WWII.

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Andrew Bostom: Islam And The Sexual Ethics Of Jihad Slavery

A 23 minutes lecture presented by the dauntless Andy Bostom, M.D. at the Education Policy Conference.  You can read the text by clicking here.

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Glen Beck Sez: Let’s All Stop Eating (Fast) So Ted Cruz Can Win the NV Primary

Over at Breitbart.com, Glenn Beck is asking all of us to join him in starving ourselves so that Ted Cruz may prevail in the Nevada Primary:

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